Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why I am in Italy:

Another ho-hum week of school. I was painfully bored to the point of frustration during my green packaging class. It seems an injustice to the student to have such a horrible taught class. That poor woman, please, only teach what you know, and definitely don't teach what you don't know in English. So in the wake of the-most-frustrating-class-on-the-continent I headed off in the direction in which I had vague knowledge of an outdoor market. After sometime wandering, I can happy say I found Mecca. Or at least the real reason I am in Italy. Really, I was so overwhelmed by the bounty of this market I felt a bit light headed. I must have spent at least an hour there. The pictures above, not the best quality as I was too enamored to spend time with my camera, are from my haul. I ended up with a backpack and tote bag stuffed with produce (and three nice patterned scarves I unearthed in a heaping pile of them, one euro each, from a woman who sells vintage hats and used doc martens, go figure). Now I am willing to get specific here, for no more than 12 euro I brought home: 1/2 kilo beet greens, 2 nectarines, 2 white peaches, 1 petite cantaloupe, 1 persimmon, 3 small local (tuscan) pomegranates STILL ON THE BRANCH!, 3 balls of incredible mozzarella di bufala, some red leaf lettuce, arugula, andddd 3 fresh red onions. This is why I am in Italy: food. 

Overall, another quite weekend of hanging out with the roommates. Oh but I started running again... maybe it's too soon to say that, but... I'm trying. 


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