Monday, September 13, 2010

lethargic, and a weekend.

All alone this weekend. My roommates did the smart thing and signed up for the free trip offered by school around Tuscany, etc. So they left early friday morning leaving me with a very empty apartment. I believe I let myself lounge around just a bit too much to be healthy. Friday was a bit of a disaster, but I did complete my goat cashmere cowl I have been working on for a while (just in time for scarf season! I never finish knitting in the right season!), and finally watched 'I'm Not There.' Saturday wasn't nearly as bad. I hung out with some lovely ladies in the afternoon and evening. We wandered endlessly around Oltrarno, got gelato, and splurged in vintage stores (ohmygoodness, my shoes! I'll show them off soon).

Another highlight of my day was finally getting up the guts to talk to random people, much less talk to random people I have been secretly eyeing for two weeks. There is this wonderful shop I pass by everyday on my walk home. He's a leather worker and shares the space with a shoe maker, so the store if covered with beautiful shoes and bags. As well as a wonderful collection of vintage cameras and photographs. I didn't get a chance to ask about those, but I will be back sometime soon to do so. There pieces in this shop are not the typical refined and finished items that you see around the rest of Florence. His work often has rough edges, exposed stitching and beautiful unique takes on classic forms. It's just wonderful, and all done very elegantly, in a sort of elevated grunge style that would just take off if here was in New York. And this has just been my admiration from afar. Walking home to get changed saturday evening I decided take my normal route that would pass by the shop, just to peek as usual. Things went differently this time though. There was a man standing outside the shop admiring a bicycle that was parked there. And not just any bicycle, a beautiful beautiful beautiful 1970's cinelli. Needless to say, it was a gorgeous bike set up, and I said so. To give the gist of the story: stopping to admire the bike led me to meeting the owner (a stylish Japanese man), and the other admirer (who knew the shop keeper), and then inside to converse and have a glass of prosecco with my favorite local artisan, all while watching him make two belts for a customer, anddd all done (more or less) in italian. Uffh, it's a mouthful, but I am finally making things happen, and most importantly: talking to people.


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Voglio una cintura troppo!

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