Saturday, April 30, 2011

I spy with my little eye: a loaf of bread

plumbing organized neatly

Parts for the hand—washing—hose—station, organized neatly

Monday, April 25, 2011

final stretch

One week left until turn in date and I am still in denial of everything that has to get done. I figure if I don't think about it, don't stress about it, it's all going to get done somehow. My studio project is the big time—hogger right now. Megan and I are desperately trying to master plumbing in order to get our final product to greensgrow. I could have never imagined how difficult it is just to make a foot activated hose spray. Saturday was spent at the farm for some fresh air and a bit of baking to take my mind off things. (Am I a bad daughter if I admit that without THIS recipe I wouldn't have gone back this weekend?) The cake roll, of course, was incredible. Maybe even good enough to become the new default birthday cake in our house. It's really just eggs, sugar, chocolate chips and whipped cream, further reinforcing my belief that baking, is in fact, magic. 

Hopefully I will have a lot more work to show here in a week or so!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This has been my mantra lately...

it's been busy

my 'work' was in a competition recently. of course I had no time to prepare, this is what i had to show for myself.

I've been running, and the bike has turned into a drying rack.

my baby beets are getting so big!

breakfast on the id floor. porkroll and saltines?

Two weeks left of school. It's actually a little less. All of my ID work will be turned in as of monday May 2nd, we present on wednesday. This semester has gone by so incredibly fast. All these short, to the point sentences are a product of too much essay writing and/or time spent in the plumbing department. I promise much better updates in two weeks. Lot's of id work from the past few months (evil flash dive anyone?). 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We have three (3!!!!) weeks of school left. Although I am ridiculously excited about the semester being over, this is the general sentiment... (thank you megan for taking pictures of my notebooks because I am too lazy to do so myself)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

keeping cozy on a rainy day

Here's a little nugget. For lack of things to photograph in my portfolio documentation class (that sounds like a really bad thing typed out, i'm doing lots of portfolio-worth work! i promise!), I decided to edit what I had and try my hand (trackpad?) at after effects.

Let me introduce to you: The Mason Jar Cozy

It's been keeping my coffee warm and in dishwasher-safe style. Well, the jar that it. The cozy just makes up for where the glass falls short: insulation and protection. Ideally there would be an etsy link where you could join me in the joys of mason jar coffee cozies, but I don't have that all together yet...

Monday, April 11, 2011

I went home to get some fresh air and play with the animals 

studio project, rearranging and red tape 
one of my classmates first drawings for this project. at this point a sink with wings sounds like a great idea.

I've been a neglectant blogger lately. Usually I would say this and come up with some grand reason as to what fabulous things I have been doing in the meantime, but this time it just does not feel like I have that excuse. School is getting to me. I do have lots of work that has started piling, but because I refuse to acknowledge the work I have it become sort of a vague frustration. It's hard for me right now. All my classes, which sounded so promising at the start are not turning out to be what I hoped. The projects just are not that exciting to me right now, which makes every little set back seem increasingly mountainous. I'm not inspired right now. Which is really hard for me to admit, as I know the best work comes from when you are really engaged with your work. I can see when someone doesn't have their heart in it and I really do not want to be that person. Our studio project is getting really bogged down with the mechanical aspects of everything, a surefire way to take the fun out of design. And as much as the idea was thrown around when talking to the college guidance counselor, I did not go to school for engineering, so this is hard. 

Spring is so difficult and inconsistent. The weather is such a tease, and still not nice enough for people to abandon their hibernation. And of course school is so close to being done, I just have to stick it out, write a couple papers, give a couple presentations and then I never have to look at an indesign/photoshop/rhino file ever again. Or at least until september. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

the week in review:

The rest of the semester is going to fly by. This is guaranteed. The past two weeks have been over before I ever realized they had begun. My schedule puts all the hard work on the first few days, so once thursday comes around the worst is over, and then of course all I do friday is fold paper and bind books. Not bad. This week was filled with lots of little projects. I try to keep my sanity by making/doing/planting things. My seedlings have grown incredibly quickly. I'll share some more pictures of their progress soon. Highlights that you see here include a midnight felt frenzy spurred on by the fact that still don't have a proper camera case (you know you're an ID student when.... you stay up until 1am sewing felt for fun, have your calipers out at breakfast?), finishing one of my madelinetosh socks during IDSA presentations, watching my babies grow of course, GLUTEN FREE BEER, and first friday for the first time in so so long. 

Oh and my grandmother made me a terrarium for my birthday, I'm slowly turning the 19th floor into a green house.