Saturday, April 2, 2011

the week in review:

The rest of the semester is going to fly by. This is guaranteed. The past two weeks have been over before I ever realized they had begun. My schedule puts all the hard work on the first few days, so once thursday comes around the worst is over, and then of course all I do friday is fold paper and bind books. Not bad. This week was filled with lots of little projects. I try to keep my sanity by making/doing/planting things. My seedlings have grown incredibly quickly. I'll share some more pictures of their progress soon. Highlights that you see here include a midnight felt frenzy spurred on by the fact that still don't have a proper camera case (you know you're an ID student when.... you stay up until 1am sewing felt for fun, have your calipers out at breakfast?), finishing one of my madelinetosh socks during IDSA presentations, watching my babies grow of course, GLUTEN FREE BEER, and first friday for the first time in so so long. 

Oh and my grandmother made me a terrarium for my birthday, I'm slowly turning the 19th floor into a green house. 


Anonymous said...

All of this makes me happy. Sanity and making things go together in my world, too. Love that picture of the light of your green things and those big windows. Lovely.

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