Monday, April 11, 2011

I went home to get some fresh air and play with the animals 

studio project, rearranging and red tape 
one of my classmates first drawings for this project. at this point a sink with wings sounds like a great idea.

I've been a neglectant blogger lately. Usually I would say this and come up with some grand reason as to what fabulous things I have been doing in the meantime, but this time it just does not feel like I have that excuse. School is getting to me. I do have lots of work that has started piling, but because I refuse to acknowledge the work I have it become sort of a vague frustration. It's hard for me right now. All my classes, which sounded so promising at the start are not turning out to be what I hoped. The projects just are not that exciting to me right now, which makes every little set back seem increasingly mountainous. I'm not inspired right now. Which is really hard for me to admit, as I know the best work comes from when you are really engaged with your work. I can see when someone doesn't have their heart in it and I really do not want to be that person. Our studio project is getting really bogged down with the mechanical aspects of everything, a surefire way to take the fun out of design. And as much as the idea was thrown around when talking to the college guidance counselor, I did not go to school for engineering, so this is hard. 

Spring is so difficult and inconsistent. The weather is such a tease, and still not nice enough for people to abandon their hibernation. And of course school is so close to being done, I just have to stick it out, write a couple papers, give a couple presentations and then I never have to look at an indesign/photoshop/rhino file ever again. Or at least until september. 


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