Saturday, September 4, 2010

The best thing I heard all day,

The fabulous news of the day: YOU CAN BUY GLUTEN FREE FOOD IN LA FARMACIA!!!

I did some research on my food blogs of the day about keeping g-free in Italy. Apparently it's much more of a common knowledge condition here. Being a medical condition, they sell foodstuffs in the pharmacy. I stopped in the one around the corner from us to find a small but promising selection. They had a shelf with pasta, bread and most importantly: i biscotti (not the kind we have, but instead cookies... for breakfast). I'm giddy. Now I have something to dip in my espresso. Tomorrow, I'll buy bread. The day after that, pasta, then flour, and ohhhh my goodness. Exciting, very exciting.

We had a pretty silly orientation today. An hour of so of more Florence-specific information. I learned that you can be heavily fined (think: 5000 euro) for purchasing counterfeit goods. As the man said, 'in italy we don't worry about nuclear weapons, we have counterfeiters." 

Another cultural difference that was pointed out to us was that when you go to purchase things at a grocery store, you go through the checkout and are not given a bag. You have to ask specifically for one. I love it. Instead of practically begging the clerks not to give me a plastic bag, it's compulsory not to use one. Less plastic bags = <3

So stoked on starting school next week!


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