Sunday, September 5, 2010


First weekend in Florence. After a ridiculous meeting for the permesso di sogiorno, which included a whole bunch of waiting in line just to sign one piece of paper, the roommates headed off the the marcato centrale. I have a pretty ridiculously strong sense of direction so I ended up being the trailblazer of the pack. (Little did I know my high school cross country nickname would have been so accurate). I think it's more a combination of good direction and being super observant of my surroundings, add in the fact that an elephant never forgets. Give me another week and I'll have this city down pat. The market was pretty great, it reminded me of reading terminal market, with a side of canal street. I bought some greens, beans, and a melon. Food pictures coming soon.

Last night we went out with a whole group of other students of the palazzi association of school. Oddly enough, they all were from long island? I kept having flashbacks from my terrible experiences with my awful roommate from freshman year at UArts, so me and a couple other girls peeled out early. I'm just not much for spending time with people I don't find interesting. As I mentioned before, I'm very excited for school to start. Hopefully I will be able to meet some new people, more my type so to speak. Really, I would love to befriend Italians, I just have to figure out where to find them. 

Nice quite relaxing day for what I guess is my last day of summer leisure. I spent the morning having some nice time reading in the sun. I have quickly found the corner seat in the kitchen to be my favorite spot. The light in there is perfect. Also, I much prefer to be at table than in my bed or on a couch. I had my coffee and biscotti with a side of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. After a nice skype date with the family, I set out for a walk to explore the southern half of the city. Being sunday, there really aren't many store open. So I headed up. Out from Porto Romano there is a small civil park flanked by the begining of a larger (for Italian standards) road that winds up the hillside. I started up this, making some slight detours to walk down almost entirely empty cobblestone streets conecting clusters of fancy villas. Eventually I got to where I wanted to be, up above the city. I was able to so see that beautiful vista of red roofs and those skinny little tuscan trees. It was gorgeous to say the least (pretty enough for me to switch out of my much loved square format for a second to get a panoramic). The rest of the evening was spent with a healthy binge of knitting and TED talks. Also a nod to my lovely roommates for organizing a nice sit down meal for all of us.


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