Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Starting school

My first assignment for footwear design was right up my alley (somewhat literally):

I made it though two days of school!

I must say that I am excited for things to really get going. All the classes sound so interesting in the syllabi, hopefully they hold up to their promise in real life as well. Yesterday I had my web design class, which seems pretty straight forward. Learn html/css, get a little into actual design of things, hosting, domain names etc, and best of all the final for the class is create your own web site. Something I have been wanting to do anyways, so killing two birds with one stone. Hopefully you can expect some improvements on this site as I figure out how to do my own thing here, rather than be bound by the preprogrammed stuff on blogger. I also had my first Italian class. I have yet to figure out if its the right level for me seeing as we only did introductions. Ohhh dio mio, there was a girl with the worst valley girl accent (hate to use that phrase but there is no other way to describe it), and was it ever harsh when she tried to speak Italian.

Today was dedicated entirely to footwear design! My teacher seems quite great, if only for the fact that she is a native english speaker. Not that I have anything against Italians speaking english, but the accents are just so, well difficult. I just want them to speak in italian, its sounds so much more beautiful (and honestly I might be able to understand them a little more clearly). We went of the syllabus as usual, much more exciting though as it contains a field trip to a leather accessories trade show (like an ICFF of leather bags and shoes!), as well as homework of going to the Farragamo museum. Lots of great things to come with that. The end project will be to complete one half pair of shoes. Hopefully I will be able to make the other one on my own time and have my own handmade shoes!

Other good news: I finally bought a moka!


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