Tuesday, September 7, 2010


To add on to what I was saying the other day: highlights from my TED talks binge. 

Rob Forbes on Ways of Seeing TED
This talk by Rob Forbes, the creator of Design Within Reach, has been a helpful inspiration for carrying my camera around with me all the time. Reasons to practice the fine art of noticing things. 

And of course, Sagmeister, Mister graphic design, talks about the things he has learned and the projects that when with them. He's just plain great. 

EDIT: I realized why I am drawn to that MUJI alarm clock, dieter rams' travel clock vs. MUJI

Another note on time pieces; maybe it's that I am drawn to things with simple clean lines, which in definition tend often to be the most basic pictorial representation of things. A watch for example, my ideal version when I picture it, is the one you would draw during pictionary, to represent a watch. Like this one, from Alessi, by Achille Castiglioni


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