Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food and flea markets

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Another nice weekend here in Firenze, with lots of good food (eating through my haul from the other day) and walks. Sunday morning the roommates and I got ourselves up at eight am to participate in the Corri La Vita, an Italian version of a breast cancer walk. The city was mobbed with people wearing the race's bright purple shirts. Having not preregistered, I wore my purple hoodie in attempt to blend in... The walk it self was more a slow procession through the city and into the Boboli gardens. Florence has such narrow streets that an influx of almost 20,000 people caused quite a few traffic jams. The gardens were quite pretty, especially with free admission. I made my self a new bud as well. Coincidentally my walking partner turned out to also be from the Philadelphia area, and we got our selves to chatting about Florence, envying people who make friends instantly, and the many downsides to living in Newark, DE (she goes to UD). Later in the day we met up to go explore the infamous 'last sunday of the month' flea market, with a brief stop at Vivoli for some gelato to power our shopping (I had blueberry and yogurt). Colleen and I discussed the reasons as to why no one has made a guide book specially for gelato. Obviously there were none and with the research required I don't know what's stopping us. I give Vivoli four gelato spoons (a very specific design). 

The antique/flea market. Oh my goodness. It was endless. Just as we though we had turned a corner to find the end another row of table showed up. In actuality I don't even think there were that many tables set up, but with all of them so piled with trinkets I found myself rather overwhelmed. At the end of the day I didn't even buy anything, there were a few things though that I am going to stew over for a month and look for something similar next month. Highlights included: Super neat vintage electronics, very retro designy radios and such; great purses (this is where the bag lady almost gave in); the most adorable mini camera thing, I swear it was the size of a postage stamp with a working shutter and all; and this incredible table of hundreds of pairs of vintage designer sunglasses. I should have bought this versace pair that were pretty great, but they we're perfect, so I am going to wait on it. 

Oh yes, and I've been eating well in this country:
Corn pasta with sauteed beet greens.
Salad with a whole bunch of things including that incredible mozzarella!


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