Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's taking me a while but I'm finally get caught up on my blogs. I've got quite an embarrassingly large collection of design/food/culture blogs I follow daily, and having been at camp all summer they have been quite neglected. Hence why I am referencing something from Core77, circa late June. 

Stefan Sagmeister for droog, the Darwin chair:

Perfect for the indecisive (one of my less desirable traits I was reminded of after I spent almost half an hour staring at shoes and still didn't buy any). You can tear of a 'page' to change the grafic on the seat.  Read more about it @ core77

Point being, I read a lot of Sagmeister's musings and interviews before I left for New Mexico, and recently found a text file of his list of beliefs, etc hiding on my desktop.  A lot of these were featured in his project, Things I have learned in my life so far.
The rest are as follows:

5. Being not truthful works against me
 6. Everything I do always comes back to me
 7. Assuming is stifling
 8. Drugs feel great in the beginning and become a drag later on
 9. Over time I get used to everything and start taking for granted
10. Money does not make me happy
11. Traveling alone is helpful for a new perspective on life
12. Keeping a diary supports personal development
13. Trying to look good limits my life
14. Material luxuries are best enjoyed in small doses
15. Worrying solves nothing
16. Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.
17. Actually doing the things I set out to do increases my overall level of satisfaction.
18. Everybody thinks they are right.
19. If I want to explore a new direction professionally, it is helpful to try it out for myself first.
20. Low expectations are a good strategy.
21. Everybody who is honest is interesting.

Right now I am working on #'s 11, 12, and 17. And of course:


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