Thursday, September 2, 2010

day one + copenhagen

Soooo many bicycles!
My least favorite font followed me to Europe!!!!

I've been here for one full day now. Orientation activities for the next few days. It feels like freshman year again. I want to be a cool kid and skip orientation, but I feel like there is not much point to that though. I cannot believe that I have been in italy for more than twenty four hours and have yet to have gelato. Che pecato. Thankfully, I can say that even in the past day that my italian is coming back to me. I find myself frustrated with the english only aspect of SAI. I keep remembering the first few days of orientation with AFS in high school; showing up with no idea what was going on and then all of the activities were in this odd church/hotel in the middle of nowhere in outside of rome. The meetings often took place in dimly lit classrooms in the basement. They of course only spoke to us in Italian, even though there were only a handful that actually knew any of the language. It was quite the jarring experience. I can happily say that this time around I can walk down the street, hear people talking, and instead of feeling that it was just all noise actually be able to understand a lot of what they are saying. I am almost disappointed with the fact that everything is done in english, they don't even add things like italian interjections or call us ragazzi. It seems that for many people, myself included, that having class in english and most likely speaking english on a daily basis with my roommates (who are boss, by the way) will hinder my abilities to really get into the language like I used to. Hopefully I'll still get the point of dreaming in italian. Must say though, I'm impressed with myself. I really want to get together with friends from lecce and actually get to spend some time with non-americans.


Margery said...

Gorgeous colorful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Parla l'italiano. Continuate a sognare.

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