Wednesday, September 1, 2010

well hey there.

One of my favorite things about the farm, moss roof.

An introduction: This is a little project i've been wanting to start for a long time now. But lacking any real reason to start a blog, other than simple self indulgence or procrastination, I decided to hold off. Leaving the country for a year is the perfect excuse to start. I am on my way to Italy for the year, Florence to be exact. One could say this is a continuation of what i started four years ago when I pestered and nosed my way into spending some time in italy during high school. I had a wonderful time, but felt as though I might have missed something by only spending one semester there. By the time I got a hold of the language and culture it was already time to leave. So this time around I am headed back to italy (because really, are there any other countries that speak italian?) to spend the whole year there, all in one place. I'm excited to be back in the country with a few more years of  life experience under my belt, no longer being held back by the baggage that comes with being seventeen. Let's hope that my italian comes back to me!

This blog specifically is here to document daily life away from Philadelphia. I hope to keep up with things, I won't lie and say that I am going to post every day. I'm shooting for something closer to at least three times a week. Expect photos, design observations and inspirations, culture notes, and of course some self indulgent ranting will slip in. Feel free to ask questions or just say hi from time to time!

Also, a few facts about my self: I'm Emily, an industrial design student at the University of the Arts. I grew up on a mini-farm outside of Philadelphia. I've been living in the city for the past two years, save for the last two months which were spent in my favorite place in the middle-of-nowhere New Mexico. I am an adventurer, observer, designer, and cook (so expect some tidbits on what i've been eating... and how on earth one can keep gluten free in italy).


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