Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a quick escape from philadelphia

Hannah made me a plate of nibbles... it's a family obsession. 
Snow! And the whole time philly was walking around without jackets on. 

And of course, this is what I come back to.....

After deciding it was high time that I get more use of out my train pass I planned a spontaneous trip to Providence last weekend (I guess one cannot plan a spontaneous trip, can they...). This was also part of my campaign of being a better cousin, seeing that it took me a whole year to get myself up there for a visit. Shame on me. It was a quite visit, as both Hannah and I had piles of work to do (she, of course, has a real job too boot, I just have ID to contend with). My saturday felt a lot like a human factors observation project. I perched myself at the counter of blue state coffee and watched as my petite cousin stood on her tippy toes to reach things down from the cabinets. There were also a few blaring problems with the layout of the space, clearly it wasn't set up by anyone what would ever work there. What I found most interesting the whole time was the fact that ID has put my observation radar on so seriously. I can't stop noticing things! 


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