Thursday, February 24, 2011

what I ate wednesday? scrumptious sundays? mouthwatering mondays?

Rhyming names aside (I have developed an embarrassing obsession with corny names and puns. 3d modeling is CADastrophic, anyone? But if you know my family, you probably know where this comes from...), I have been thinking about starting a food feature here. I am not the biggest fan of theme days. I adamantly dressed up on dress down days in high school, for example. So let's not call it a theme day, no what I ate wednesday. Just maybe some random day throughout the week that I blog a bit about a meal I made recently. You see internet, I am a lover of lists, and just enough of a deadline or structure to kick my butt into doing something. Another, even more important, characteristic of mine is that food thing. I am obsessed. With a somewhat restrictive diet, let just say for health and moral reasons, and no I am not a vegetarian... I am a cook. With that I believe that part of being a good cook is being respectful to your ingredients. Know what they are, where they came from, and do something wonderful with them. Point being, I have been considering showing off some of my culinary pursuits.

Sadly I have no fabulous pictures of my last good meal. Jordan and I got to quick work eating everything up. I finally got to use my kitchen table/desk/mess for a proper meal, and was it ever wonderful. I'm not one for using recipes, but I did vaguely base the dish off of something I saw on 101 Cookbooks once. Kale, potatoes and bacon. Because really, what else do you need? It was a delicious not quite soup, not quite stewy stick-to-your-ribs, warming-from-the-inside dinner. Plus, the leftovers were equally fabulous. I might start sharing recipes if this food feature sticks, and of course feel free to ask if you want to know more!


barefootrooster said...

i love 101 cookbooks -- check there today for a free pdf download of some outtakes from the next cookbook. and i'm with you on what it means to be a cook, what it means to respect ingredients.

looking forward to seeing more food here!

(i too, love bad puns. and good lists.) yay!

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