Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's been a fun week. School has put me way over my head in projects. Another 'twendsday,' a lack of sleep tuesday night making for a hell of a wednesday. Of course this time, when coming home at the wee hours of the morning I was greeted by the rude news that the power was out on the block, meaning that I would have to climb 19 flights of stairs (excuse me, 18, there is no 13th floor). This week has also been an experiment with living without a desk. I can honestly say it does effect my work habits a bit. So this weekend I had a date with my decorators, my mother and grandmother, who brought me the gift of table and another chair to keep the other one company. 
In other news, I started a fair isle—heavy pair of fingerless gloves to use up some of my leftover italian cotton. Pictures to come soon. I also took a spontaneous trip to nyc, which included hearing about the amtrak train number 666 (at which find out about its existence jordan exclaimed, 'dudeeeee, it's the train to hell!'), buying more spices at kalustyan's, muji muji muji, getting caught taking forbidden pictures at opening ceremony, and the best gluten free pizza to start off the birthday week celebrations.


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