Wednesday, February 16, 2011

cooking without eyes

When I came back to school this semester I had no idea who much more intense things would be. Sure it's a hard comparison to Italy, I didn't do much there school-wise, and when I did it was a more fun project for me, something I might be doing anyways. But getting back to id@uarts, well, that's a different story. Not to be misunderstood, I am really very pleased to be home, back doing what I love. But DAMN, is school over harder this semester. It's just so much work, allll the time. 
One of the classes that seems to be getting me every week (this may be thanks to timing rather than purely the workload), is human factors. It's a full project every single week. This past week we looked at work environments. More specifically, the anthropomorphic factors of the user. But all that aside, the images seen above were from the best assignment we had: blind cooking. Have you ever had to cook an omelet with your eyes closed? Well now I have, and let me tell you it was delicious! 


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