Sunday, March 27, 2011

Before it I forgot it ever happened and these photos make even less sense, Lecce. 

With this in mind, you should know where exactly Lecce is. The location is really what made the biggest impact on me while I was there. Being 'in the heel of the boot,' as I have always described it, Lecce is very isolated. It's a different world. In Florence I would mention that I lived there and the response would always be something along the line of, "WHAT! Lecce that's in AFRICA?!" Being a pale, blond american girl I really stood out down there. The six months with AFS were difficult for me. But then again I was 17, lots of things are difficult when you're 17. Because I was having such a hard time with the language and general culture shock, it was hard to see the beauty in the city. Granted, once you leave the historic center things are less than stunning, lots more concrete. This time around I thought I would take a good look at the city the for what is, lovely and saturated with baroque churches. Of course I'm biased, as you know I am in with the locals. 


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