Friday, March 18, 2011

Vacationing Part I

Now that I have been home for a couple of days, it's high time that I share some stories of last week's Italian adventure (just enough time to catch up on all the work I didn't do and lose too many hours of sleep already!).
Carnevale: Santa, a flower, little red riding hood, and a wee zucchini.
This is super image heavy post so I am going to add a break, click READ MORE to see the rest! 

The fat tuesday night walk through town in costume. This time it was broken up by the police.

Ghost typography


Caramel meringue, this among other things was the reason i was adamant about my gelato. 

As I mentioned before, this was not the typical vacation. I came with a specific plan in mind, having a relaxing—no pressure, I didn't need to get out and 'do something' everyday of the week, just some time with my friends from Lecce. I spent the majority of the week there, staying with two different friends and their families, and the last two days were in Rome. It was so wonderful to go back to the town that I lived in four years ago. Of course now it seems to unbelievably long ago to me. When I left for Lecce I was just a baby, sixteen! Today, I couldn't say that I remember every detail of the experience, but I do know that it was one of the most profoundly impactive things I have done for myself in the past five years. It was only this winter that I realized how important the friends I made there are to me. I love those girls, and can find such incredible comfort in knowing that they will always be there for me, I can always go back. As I said in the last post, still much to my own surprise, I have fallen in love with Italy. In the few days I had back in Lecce I was able to all things that I never got to do before, or at least all those that I had forgotten ever happened. I ate typical cuisine, finally took pictures of the 'Florence of the South' as the locals like to boast of their hometown. and of course bought piles of gluten free food. After my last stint in Italy I returned with a bag so chocked to the brill than I had to abandon my toothbrush overseas, so this time I was able to bring back all the gifts that I should have had before. Lots of wine and nutella, what else?

In the next few days expect an update with some good old fashioned tourist pictures from Lecce. 


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