Monday, October 18, 2010

Penguin will stop the death of print media

On my way home from class this afternoon I subconsciously decided to procrastinate by going to the bookstore. I say subconscious because I was fully aware that I had work to do, but hadn't the vaguest idea of its expanse. In other words, I really was planning on making a quick stop, churning out a paper and getting to sleep. Well the bookstore was more than just a quick stop, of course. I went in with a purpose, to buy a design book I have been thinking about since I first saw it three weeks ago (see, a thoroughly considered purchase, also it's italy-specific, so therefore counts as a souvenir). After finding the intended book I decided to wander up a level, just-because-you-know I had never been up there. Hello Penguin 'Great Ideas,' goodbye homework. Whoops. Please click through to the link. It's beautiful. What the Penguin publishing housing is doing with graphic design will save books. There is no circumstance that would make me choose an ebook version of any other these over their hard copies. They are a pleasure to hold, look at, and of course read. Judge the book. Judge the cover. They are beautiful. The great ideas series, which of course is not available in the states, brilliantly packages classic essays and works on philosophy in clean, fresh, unintimidating paper backs. I want to own (and read) them all. Too bad the collection in entirety will set you back over seven hundred dollars. Whoops.


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