Friday, October 8, 2010

Last week(end): before the next one gets ahead of me!

Chestnut flour crepe anyone?


Pattern making on the last!

They got me, I totally followed that sign.
A pretty normal week that went by ever so quickly. After swearing off consumerism, I find myself a total hypocrite in stopping in vintage stores left and right. I found those shoes for 4€, so that doesn't count. And then I bought a beautiful winter coat today on a roommate trip to the designer outlets… Which you know of course I needed… That aside. No more (unnecessary) spending. The gelato though, that's a design research project. Also an investment in my mental well being. I enjoyed the wonderful, seasonal persimmon flavor. It's divine, like eating pureed fruit. Five gelato spoons for them on originality and seasonality in flavors (more about that little project to come). Speaking of seasonality, the last of the figs at the markets, and they're just so darn pornographic I couldn't resist taking a picture.


Guess who said...

Figs are polinated by tiny wasps that only live on fig trees. Which came first the fig wasp or the wasp fig?

onlyonemartha said...

You know, there was a somewhat gross NPR story about that. Does this mean those little crushed bits are actually bees knees and not fig seeds?

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