Friday, October 15, 2010

It has been too long.


Yes, i met grace jones on the way to market

GEODESIC DOMES next to the DUOMO, ha.
But I will excuse myself as I have been doing many exciting things this past week. Particularly the following: realizing that I can wear hats and enjoy it, speaking more italian than usual, finding a magical road to run on, lineapelle (more to come), AND find the best sweatshirt ever. hands down. that I will have to reveal in a day or two once I get the proper foto of it.

Some how time crept up on me, as it always does, and next week is midterms. Where on earth did October go? September too, for that matter. Fall is full spring here in Florence. The apartment has gotten a nice chill to it, and the streets are starting to show off the most wonderful selections of scarves and jackets. I love fall fashion for the fact that it shows off who the sensible ones are. Summer is all about skin, but come fall there are layers and it's so painfully easy to spot the drunk american girl teetering around on heels she doesn't know how to walk in and her butt hanging out of a 'dress.' Love it. It makes being critical so much easier. I broke out the trench last week and its not going away any time soon. I don't know if it is the footwear class or just the city I am in, but I have had my fashion radar up lately. (Also my typeface radar: did you know all the italian rail signage is done in futura, wes anderson's favorite?) It's not necessarily fashion that I am looking at, I couldn't care less about trends and brands, but more straight up style. The other day I saw the most beautifully dressed man in all the city. There could have been an editorial on this man's look. He just wore it so well: a somewhat-muted-but-still-electric-blue two piece suit, with classic tan shoes, light colored shirt, and rounded glasses. So well put together and that blue, it wasn't bright it was just rich. So luxe, so good. There was also lineapella style lusting, which I will share with you soon. Overall I've been getting really inspired and excited about things lately.


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