Sunday, May 1, 2011

protect your information: NOW LIVE!

it kind of looks like i got punched, but really it's just finals week.

My 3D techniques class this semester focused on the 3D modeling program Rhino. We took apart a USB drive then spent countless hours modeling our our version of the housing. Being rather frustrated with the project at the time, I decided that my housing would be brass knuckles. It started out as a joke (still kind of is... it's just so far from my 'normal' personality) and ended up as a printed object. The 3D printer, by the way, is AWESOME (when it's not broken, ie. once in a blue moon). I'm still kind of in disbelief that you can create a file on the computer, then in hours have it sitting in your hand. Still kind of hate the program though... 

We took the project further and uploaded our designs to Shapeways, a dutch company that offers 3D printing to the public. This means that 'Protect Your Information' is live and available to the world. You can buy it. But... my fingers are tiny and this has yet to fit anyone but me. Whoops. Version 2.0 will come in multiple sizes. 


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