Sunday, May 15, 2011

I know embedding a 50 minute long video here is a ridiculous idea. I love watching these kinds of things, and the likelihood of even me watching something this length on a whim is slim to none. BUT, that said, this is worth it. Debbie Millman may be the guru of branding, but she has some incredible things to say about the relationship of design, life, and education. I'm inspired. And if there is any chance that you'll consider spending an hour on this, do it. One of the better points she makes is to really know and define why you are a designer. 'Know what you believe in, and why.' And that you should stick to it. Believe in it so much that this mission statement becomes a part of you and everything you do. Debbie's own personal definition: to make the super market more beautiful. Love it. 


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