Thursday, January 27, 2011

A change of pace

It's time to turn over a new leaf here at onlyonemartha. 

As it may have become obvious, I am not up to speed with my posting these days. It started with me having too much fun in life to be bothered with blogging about it, then moved to me traveling around for a bit with no real chance to sit down to write or upload photos, and then the nail in the coffin of my blogging habit (at least the one I attempted to start this fall) was coming home. Everyday life in west chester/philadelphia is just not nearly as inspiring or exciting as Italy. Well, more that there is a lot less subject matter than before. 

So I am officially home. In limbo, so to speak, of housing/cultures/language/school. I've been commuting to philly for school for the past two weeks, and battling with the snow is not helping one bit! BUT, things are going to get a lot easier soon. Thanks to the miracles of craigslist I found a place to live. An adorable studio in center city. I should be moving in within a week. Hopefully this will mean I can stop spending all my time thinking about how I am going to decorate the place and actually be about to concentrate on things... Needless to say, I am looking forward to this. I am super into the minimalist living right now. I don't want to deal with so much STUFF. It's just suffocating to me right now. Just well made and well considered essentials thankyouverymuch. 

Being back in PHL means martha is going to go in a new direction. No more blogging about Italy. (well... more about that later). I am switching gears. I don't want to abandon this project altogether, I got myself into it, found an alias I actually like, have all of what three readers? No stopping now. This means that I will be continuing to post here, HOPEFULLY MORE OFTEN (I say that caps more for myself then anyone else). Onlyonemartha can be a space to share what I am working on in life and school. A place to show off my projects. And you know, as they are going to drill into our head in the next year of school: create an internet presence. Blahblahblah. But (!) when I have a portfolio site up and running, I promise you it will be linked here.


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